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Obatala-Oxumare and What-not September 17, 2008

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I’m in the midst of reading The White Wand  by Anaar.  A short, fabulous read all in all, about art and Feri together.  So last night, I tried to trance as a means into writing something.  I’m not sure what I’m going to write, if I will write anything at all.  I need to invite Hermes and other deities into this process, I think.  (Maybe the Otter and the Elk as well?)  But last night, I meditated and asked whoever wanted/needed to come to come.

So Obatala showed up, and he swirled around me, buffetting me with white light.  I was rather shocked at the impact–it really felt tangible at first.  Like I was inside some sort of centrifuge in an odd way.  As the light buffetted my various bodies, I saw the light leave me in rainbow refraction.  My body became a prism, and the quality of the light leaving me started out rather muddy.  I could see the colors, but they were grimy, gritty, sludgy, dirty.  As Obatala kept doing it though, the colors became more vivid and clear.  And beautiful.  The white light was still there, but the rainbow light formed not only rays going out from my various chakras, but also a column of rainbow light around me, with the white light shooting up and down it into the sky and into the earth.

It was so beautiful and breathtaking. 

What-not:  I’m also reading Tom Cowan’s Fire in the Head and it’s way cool for me.  I don’t know how long I’ve had this odd thought that creeps into my consciousness of death by decapitation.  Perhaps I was a Celtic warrior who severed heads of adversaries and attached them to my horse?  Or perhaps I was one so killed?  Or perhaps I was merely a regular Celtic person whose beliefs incorporated druidic and bardic notions that included the idea of a talking severed head.  (The story of Bran the Blessed is all about that.)  But that and the preoccupation with death have been with me for quite a while.  And this book helps me to understand how the shamanic call, and how my potential interest in counseling the dying seem to stem from my very blood.



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