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Many Weirdnesses September 15, 2008

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OK.  Today, I feel a mite … unsure where to put my focus.  One thing that is quite interesting to me is that I did a tarot reading for myself asking the question, “How do I look at this upcoming election?  How important is it to me in the scheme of things?”  And the Judgment card came up in the focus position itself–rather interesting all in all.  My present card was the Priestess and the past card was the card I drew last Samhain for my card of the year:  The 10 of Wands.  So I take it the time of feeling burdened has past, and right now is the time to ground and center and let Mama Tierra guide me. 

I do a variation on a 7-card reading my partner taught me, that puts an 8th card into the mix.  I refer to this 8th card as “the lens” by which I am looking at the focus.  I drew the 3 of disks for that, and I find that to be of some more than small interest to me.  It’s a card of productivity and craftsmanship.  I also drew the 4 of swords for the environment (rest and repose, an echo of the Priestess IMHO) and in that which is blocked to me, the Lovers.  Not a time to espouse choice, but to ascertain where I am right now and to defer any choices.  The future card was the 7 of wands and the end result was the Hierophant–not sure how to take that one, but the 7 of wands suggests I will feel beleaguered but in a good position for the good fight.  So all in all, I guess I do have to care a bit for this election.

It’s interesting to me to watch though, from the sidelines.  The SNL skit with Tina Fey and Amy Poehler (both of whom I just adore!) as Sarah and Hilary was quite delightful and it addressed sensitive people’s true fears about this election.  (The rest of the show was quite subpar though with the exception of about half of “Weekend Update.”  Alas.)  But I have really mixed feelings about this whole shebang as anyone who read my last post might discover.  I don’t know if we really have a lot of power to affect this election–it seems to me that someone/some thing has already made their/its decision and the rest of us will have to figure out where we stand in relation to that.  Whatever it is seems to rely on fear and force, and it’s up to individuals and communities and any semblance of the collective of humanity-embodied to call up their true power in this situation.  What that will look like is anyone’s guess, but I like to think of Paul Levy’s observation that we are all shamans in training and that as we change something in ourselves, that change ripples outward.

I was thinking that I might write a post about Burn After Reading which Jody and I saw this past weekend (and both of us loved it, and as I consider it it’s both more hilarious and more disturbing than all get-out), and also how some of the more interesting films out there have a bifurcated message about our times.  (The Dark Night and Wall-E are two films that spring easily to mind.)  But as I was starting to put this post together, I was feeling it sink in that this financial crisis unfolding with Lehman, Merrill, AIG, and it looks like WaMu, Goldman and Morgan Stanley (and one would hope Citigroup!) and I would also wonder about B-of-A as well, that it might be The Big One as far as the economic collapse I’ve been praying into being goes.

I’m just one person and there are others like me who are praying this.  There are also some militantly evil and hate-filled and self-despising individuals out there, some psychopaths indeed, who have placed open bets on the demise of 99.99% of humanity.  While I want the collapse to happen, I want also for as many people to survive as possible.  Not these folks, as the fellow at hermes3 has observed.  We do, as Sharon Astyk observed, have some “cartoon evil villains” out there. 

To be honest, I think that a lot of these individuals are like Zombi, that reckless and dangerous spirits have overtaken their bodies and are pulling their strings.  (I drew that card last night in an entirely unrelated reading with the New Orleans Voodoo deck.)  Doreen Virtue observed that there are people who are “walk-ins”–individuals who are of a certain disposition one day, who then have some radical shift in direction and intention.  Many of these people are here to assist humanity, but it stands to reason that some would be overtaken by destructive and violent sorts as well.  When I think of the Zombi from the deck, I think of this latter type.

Like most people, when the economy really tanks, I won’t know what to do first.  Other than to acknowledge my own powerlessness and ask for knowing the right action.  Again, that’s a High Priestess way to go about it, for I do desire to become the change I seek, and I also know that we walk in deity even as we walk in beauty. 

Simple things to remember in these troublesome times.


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