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New guide September 12, 2008

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So.  I went to our local botanica and looked around.  I went there to buy red candles and loose sage if they had any, but I felt compelled to look for other stuff.  There was coconut incense, which turned out to be a good thing as Jody got some other sort of incense that would have worked with an assignment we have, but the coconut is definitely coconut.  (And therefore more apropos of what we want and need to do.)

Anyway, I walked up to the counter just as the proprietor was finishing up with a customer and I had a little statuette of St. Francis and another of some iteration of Jesus Christ, the avatar associated with my own iron pentacle.  (“I am the body of Christ” as our teacher reminded Jody after going to mass!)

Anyway, I asked about the Jesus statue and whether it was related to Obatala, and I was pleasantly surprised to discover there was a statue there that was way more appropriate to me.  I only wanted a little one, for now–I intend on manifesting a BIG one at some point, but the store owner said “I sense that you have Obatala energy, it’s all around you.  And you have another guide, her name is Grace.  That’s the name she’s using.  She’s very ancient.” 

So.  I have yet another guide, but Grace is a quiet one.  She wants me just to know that she’s there, and that is about all i can say at this point.  And I have sensed Obatala around me, ever since I had that dream that just said his name, and Oxumare, and Olodumene (Olodumare) and Orunmila who was misidentified as Oxumare.  Or maybe not.  Maybe there’s some amalgamation of their energies that is personal to me, as Rhiannon has appeared to me of late as “White Buffalo Rhiannon.”  (Wildness on a Celtic-Chippewa totem-pole-pogo stick, nay?)

Both Obatala and Grace are silent to me as of yet, but they both want me to know that they’re there, and that they are both actively if quietly acting on my behalf.  I have long known that I’m protected, but I don’t quite know the extent thereof.  Grace seems to be connected as well with a triumvirate of entities that I have been getting to know–Fearn, Iao and “Sallie” who I see to my left and behind as a giant slug or something undefined and, well, a little slimy.  She’s rather inert as of yet.  Fearn I just happened to see once when I caught him out of the corner of my eye, and he transformed from this sad, withered, blackened creature to this wonderful tree-man with a green and red vibrance to him.

(Fearn makes me remember that Christmas is every day if I so choose.  Not to be confused with either Secular Christmas or yesterday’s Fascist Christmas, neither of which really have anything to do with ye aulde Jesus there.)

And I discovered Iao at a Reclaiming event a couple of years ago, and only this year did I connect that the two were “of a piece” and in that discovery, sensed more than saw Sallie.  (Or should that be Sallie/Grace?  I will have to open myself to any insight there…)

Ahhhhh….  I love living in a glorious, deific universe.  Don’t You?

Lastly, I was reading S. M. Stirling’s latest — The Scourge of God — which has its moments.  But I was unprepared to cry a little today, for Odin appeared to one of the characters.  Odin is another one of “my” gods.  For some reason, I think of it as a strange confirmation of what is going on in my path.



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