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Thoughts on 7 Years Ago September 11, 2008

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First off, I just have to say I love The Onion‘s take on this day.  “Cheney Waits Until Last Minute Again to Buy Sept. 11 Gifts.”  Brilliant!  Ran Prieur refers to today as “Fascist Christmas”–pretty much sums it up.  So here’s my contribution to the meme-spreading.  It’s a day for power-over addicts to “rejoice” that they have a context, albeit one that has been forced upon the rest of us whether we like it or not.

I’m musing about the spirit of militant ignorance with the blinders-on approach, its components and the ratio thereof–air, water, fire, earth, spirit.  There is definitely overbalance toward different elements depending on who one speaks of.  Many religious right-wingers have an overbalance toward water and fire, though the water is more of a tsunami type rather than a cleansing and healing spring/bath.  It is water as carrier of intention, as a conductor of energy be it toxic or glorious, toxic or divine.  I’m also thinking that fire, out-of-control is a serious component to the religious fanatic, and not a lot of earth or air.

There are other kinds of fanatics who are kings and queens of air, however.  And also of earth.  And there are other maniacs who are just fire-bombs, pure and simple.  Again, it’s really an overbalancing toward one or another of these that takes place in such a way as to apply great pressure to the connections to an element that could act as a counterweight.  In the Chinese system, for example, water acts as a counterbalance to earth.  Though I think in all of the instances of what I’m pondering here, fire is the dominant element that comes forth.  It’s either #1 or #2 for all of the militant ignorance out there.  The fire aspect gives spark and combustion to their animus, from wherever which it might derive.

The worst do not lack for intensity, as W.B. Yeats observed over a century ago.

7 Years ago.  Hmmmm…  I was living in the city when this event occurred.  I can put myself in the feeling state I was in.  I was strangely detached, and I still am today.  It’s as if I started holding some sort of space back then, and I’m only now becoming aware of it.  7.  7.  7.

Yesterday, I drew the 7 of Cups, actually.  And today the 2.  11 reduces to 2… hmmm…. (don’t mind me.  I’m pondering.  But this might lead somewhere!  Or not!)

They say in A.A. that after 5-7 years we get our brains back, and on that score, I think that anyone who began working on themselves AT ALL during 2001 is right in that place.  In my case, my self-transformation process took on a deeper resonance with my 12 step work, that led me to first sober up and then to become abstinent with my evil-white-powder problem (sugar and flour, r/t cocoin and heraine), and then came into my Self with pursuing the earth-based spiritualities that I’d always been involved with but not known it.  And I’m open to so much, and it’s all so heady and delicious and scary at times, but I digress.  Kind of.

I speak these things because for me 9+11+2+0+0+1=23 Skidoo–Royal Number of the Sun!–took place in this context.  And perhaps that is why I have never believed any spin about this event.  Why I found myself curious and strangely disconnected during that whole anthrax fear-stoking stuff too.  Because on some level, I know that some toxicity is being pulled up from within our very bones and being leached out of us collectively, through the expression of these out-of-control power-fiends.  The 6% of our culture sociologists identify as “windigo”–psychopathic and vampiric, totally without empathy or regard for others. 

I personally don’t know if I’ve personally encountered anyone like that.  I suspect I have, and I certainly know people who would do ANYTHING to get what they want, which is what our insaniculture celebrates.  (It’s called “self-empowerment, Megan, donchaknow! Tyah, I’msosure!)  And I’m sure that I would find myself totally charmed by individuals such as this, and only later when I’ve had some time to detox and ground and center become aware of the demon driving individuals as such. 

For the most part it isn’t those people that come up as issues personally, because they have so many “minions” who are more than willing to stay unconscious and know-nothing to do their dirty work.  And it’s these people who can act like a forest fire or a metastasizing cancer on a body of humans.  They’re like the blood sera or whatever that substance is that can transmit a substance immediately throughout the body.  I’ve experienced this sort of energy when I’ve eaten salmon–it goes right somewhere and I feel it completes a circuit.  That’s something that works beneficently for me.  But I think that’s the understanding of various medicines the world over as well, and there are people who are “medicines” in this regard as well.  And I must say I


every time I see one of those yellow ribbon magnet/stickers on cars that say “Support the Troops.”  For I understand that someone associated with that car or truck or SUV has had their buttons pushed in such a way that fear is dominant, and that there is



to them.

And that’s pretty much how I perceive our culture at large.  Fear comes in many colors, and there are the lavender fears that push my queer buttons, I must admit.  MccAINPAlIN does scare me, I will admit, but I’m not eager to vote Democrat either.  Biden (D-MBNA) on the ticket is too much of a tell to me that we are collectively headed to debtors’ prisons again.  When I worked at a certain law firm that started an outsourcing practice, I could see the writing on the wall:  that eventually the said firm would have to practice that on itself, and that the Word Processing and other office services would be the prime candidate for that budgetary chop-chop.  And I was right.  Not 8 months after I left el pomo grande for glorious Albany-Troy-Schenectady, the department was downsized out of existence. 

Similarly, I pray economic collapse to come in such a way so as to close those doorways, that take the ideas of enslavement and debt peonage off the table.  So mote it be!  But it is up to powers greater not only than myself, but also the vampires out there who are eager to suck the rest of us dry.

And part of my magic here is to call them on it,and to find ways to laugh at it.  Like Julie Brown has done wonderfully with her imitation of “Caribou Barbie.”  And trust me.  I will find a way.  I will… And it will probably even surprise even me.  Because I do that to myself sometimes.  Keep your eyes peeled…



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