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Bits of Randomness September 10, 2008

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I love this weather we’re having up in the Northeast today.  The half of the wheel year from August 1 to February 1 I mostly love.  Sure, January can get difficult, but as the wheel nears my birthday and for the first 2 months afterward, I really feel a stir-craziness that bubbles up from the ground.  Mother Earth readies herself for spring, and I understand deep in my bones why our ancestors and why contemporary Chinese look for the beginning of spring in late January to early February. 

I refer to August 1 as the emotional beginning of fall, and the Fall Equinox as its peak.  In our scientiSTic culture, we have labeled the equinoxes and solstices as the beginnings of the seasons, but Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream takes place on the solstice.  That reflects a much different understanding of the rhythms of nature than contemporary folks would like to ponder.

Anyway, I was sitting here trying to figure out what to say today.  I feel like there are things to post onto this blog about, but they’re just out of my vision as of yet. 

I did have a strange thought earlier though.  I’m wondering if John McCain will win Best Actor in the 2009 Superbowl.  Will the Patriots make it in the polls to win the Best Picture?  How will Heath Ledger fare competing with Miss South Carolina in the AFC Playoffs?  And just what about all those people on Survivor?  Will they finally get to eat all those failures from Top Chef?

If that seems kinda “dumb” it’s because I’m conflating all these inane distractions together like spit in a spitoon.  To me they all mean about as much as each other.  It’s all -tainment if you will, or -thrallment rather.  Perhaps enter/con-tainment would be a better way to describe these things?  The Elections, the Olympics, the Academy Awards, the Superbowl, the World Series, all of the ‘merkan things are pretty much all the same pabulum in different arenas, and they have equivalent meaning in the scheme of my life, let me tell you.  Maybe it’s because I’m now in my mid-40s, or maybe it’s because I sense the difficulties around the corner, and while there’s a part of me that reckons that some of these zombies and those who have bethralled their awareness away from their very own selves possess a Night of the Living Dead dangerousness about them, I really don’t think they’ll be that much of a factor in the long run.  Short term, my shooting these words into cyberspace could be cause for some eager-to-please codependent shlub to point at me, and Sprawk at the Sprawk-thorities, to have them come swoop me up in a net of terraists.  (And I am a TERRA-ist, as it were, in the sense that Terra is another word for Earth.  Any pagan soul or other-religious soul or non-religious soul who possesses a love and/or reverence for the planet is a TERRA-ist as it were.)  So it is conceivable that ye aulde Homielandlez Incurables could come and get me and anyone like me, and dispatch us anonymously in a hidey-hole grave out in some desolate field in say, Arapahoe County, Colorado (couldn’t think of anyplace “desolate” up here, except in emotional terms that is), and then attempt to forget about us all.

The planet will remember though.  And we don’t really die in this reality, do we?  We often come back, and then we have a charge about ourselves, don’t we?  And that charge can take us to places that would shock and awe would-be shocker-awers.  There is feedback to these things, I know.  Everyone senses it, which is why certain shadowy actors are getting mighty nervous.  They’re seeing that more and more people are awakening to their true selves and their light and yes, their darkness too.  And we’re loving our Selves in all our parts.

They hate that.

So, the beauty queen is here to … whatever us.  Not sure how to fill in that politainment Mad-Lib, really.  “You, you, you–that’s what you are!” she sprawks herself as she readies her submachine gun and levels it at God Herself.  (Boy, will the joke be on her if she does!)  Sure, she might authorize different camps f’r teh gayze, teh uppity coloreds, teh brazen wimmins, teh humiliatorists, teh t’inkers, teh sex-havers, teh TERRA-ists, teh non-dominionist non-Xian Christians, teh folkins dat makez less dan $15,000,000 a yearzel, and any other dumbsh*t who she just dun’t like.  Tyah, everybuddy run fershur, Marge, cuz da homecoming queen’s not just got a gunzel, she now gotz da NUKENS!

And through it all, Mother Earth yawns through all our self-delusion and self-destruction.  And maybe, just maybe she’ll clutch a few of us likely suspects and save our active DNA for continued use in the ecosystem that will regenerate once a goodly chunk of us move along, whether through the unfortunate use of force/disease/starvation/natural disaster, etc. , as well as teh richy-riches who will manage to piss off their protectors as they always eventually do, because addicts are addicts after all, and the disease itself wants them dead, and who are they to argue if they have only their addled brains as their higher power.

Their best thinking and ours is what has gotten us to this perilous point in our timeline.  I myself look for opportunities to jump onto another one.

Will you join me?  Blessings! Frostwolf T’Firerose (de Troy, New York-for-the-moment).



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