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“Stupid” Americans & stoopid’merkans September 8, 2008

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I surf a lot of different websites, and I pretty much stay away from troglodytic ones.  But I have also been staying away from some of the popular “lefty” sites as well.  Over the last 8 years, since the 2000 election trauma we all sustained (and some of us not so well), I have been witness to wonderful people become totally taken up with fear, rage and anger.  As I am someone who is frequently susceptible to such reddish emotions, I have learned to avoid political topics with them, and to be quiet when they wish to indulge in these emotions so that I don’t add to them, looking for the earliest opportunity to exit “downstage center, even!”

But because I also surf pagan and gay websites, I can’t avoid coming across some of the reactions to troglodytic psychopathic TPTB vocal diarrheas and draconian laws/actions.  Lots of people say “we’re sliding into fascism,” and I’m sorry folks, but we’ve been there since way before I was born.  Now some people might say, “nuh-uh, because you can be gay and love your partner, and yah!” and I will admit that is something that is quite different from other fascist dictatorships.  But there are many places where I feel like I have to walk on eggshells, and think of mashed potatoes forming my aura so that others don’t notice me.  (And as an aside, mashed potatoes, being white, are sacred to Obatala, who is an orisha that seems to have me in his hands…)

Saying that I probably will not be voting in the next election will no doubt scandalize people, and I would like to direct anyone who questions this to Carolyn Baker’s article about why she won’t be voting in the 2008 election.  (It has a title like “Why I Won’t Be Voting in the 2008 Election” but I might be paraphrasing.)  If I were to vote, I’d “throw my vote away” on Cynthia McKinney, who I believe is at least telling some truth to power.  Any political candidate has to have quite a big ego, and sometimes that’s a problem, and other times it’s an asset.  C.McK is definitely her own person, and I think we need some kick-ass black female energy in this country.  But I’m not sure it’s worth the effort, to be honest, to register and then to actually go and vote. 

On some of the blogs I read, I’ve been noticing these reactions to the massaged polls out there, and what seems to be a rise in McInsane’s standing, now that he’s got a real psychopathic double Aquarius on his ticket.  (With Mars and Saturn nearby, I might add.  Quite a powerhouse of neurosis, with apologies to other Aquarians born in 1964.  I have a Saturn-Mars-Sun conjunction on the Aquarius/Pisces cusp myself, so I feel your pain, believe me I do.  I think S.H.P. is like me, only on the psychotic side that goes with identifying so much with a certain perception of the “light” that renders the person frighteningly dark inside her projections of her own darkness onto others.  She is someone who appears to be so sure of her position, she has lost sight of her own humanity.  My $.02 on that.)  What fails to be witnessed though, is something I read recently somewhere that really resonated with me.  In fact, I can’t help but bold it below.

We as Americans WANT to be lied to.

We want to believe that our actions don’t really matter all that much.  That because everyone else is doing it, then my little addition doesn’t matter.  (Well it does.)  That if I were to start to ride the bus or bike to work, that it wouldn’t matter.  (Well it would do quite a bit actually, because your life, while small in comparison to everything is the laboratory that changes all the worlds.)  That the whole world is a big, bad,c awful cesspool and it should just go away. (Well, I don’t happen to agree with that.)

Anyway, there are a lot of decent people out there, who are in thrall of various slave-masters.  Some of them are out-and-out addicts but others are addicts of a more subtle nature.  Addicted to work, to judgment, to pop culture, to shopping/debt, to reality t.v., to finger-pointing, to their rage/anger/hate of fill-in-the-blank.  And they’re “stupid” in the sense that one can not talk to these people while they are in their thing.  In between their binges, there is an opportunity to plant a seed, and yes, miraculous awakenings do occur.  They give me hope.  I heard about an awakening this weekend, of someone who has held a corporate job and tried to get others to drink the kool-aid, sober up from that particular brand of what-she-don’t-need and say “how do I f-in’ get out of this?”  That is one of the best things I’ve heard, and I want to hear more of it.

These “stupid” Americans are not the same as the stoopid’merkans I noted above.  These are … well, are they “people”?  It’s difficult to tell, and I don’t say that out of disrespect.  In cyberspace, where you can’t really hear the inflection of my language, it might be hard to believe that I mean that, but I wonder whether the stoopid’merkans I identify as such wouldn’t agree with me.  They have a self- and other-hatred so deep, so intractable and thorough and recalcitrant and venomous as to have them wish they weren’t human at all.  We all know/have known people so far gone into their addictions that it really would take divine intervention to save them.  And if that’s meant to be for the 350-pound, Krispy-Kreme-3-baker’s-dozen-a-day-ingestin’, Rush-Limbaugh-listenin’, fingerpointing, vehement haters male and female, sittin’ on their trailer-trash couches in their delusional debt-financed “luxurious squalor” as well as the polished and poised haters with $500 haircuts and McMansions, whatever you call it, then it will be.  As the Hopi have said, those who cling to the shore during these wild times will probably be swept away and those who go with the flow–well, we don’t really know do we? 

Anyway, I am here for others as they wake up.  At least I want to be, and I do see that as part of my work.  It’s part of my magic.  It’s part of my connection to my house on 4th Street, to Little Italy in Troy, to Troy itself, to the Hudson-Mohawk region, to the Northeastern quadrant of the North American continent, and to the whole of the American continents and to the whole of Gaia and the multiverse surrounding us all.  Yea, yes, ja, oui, si, etc.

UPDATED:  Right after I posted this, I found this on Ran Prieur’s website  (www.ranprieur.com, fyi).  Just sayin…. There are others out there connecting the dots…  And thank you Mr. Prieur for these observations.

It looks like not vetting Sarah Palin was a good move, because if they had, someone would have said, “Oh shit, look at all the scandals, we can’t risk running with her.” But the risk has paid off… so far. Republicans, playing the dominant role in the American abuse ritual, remain scandal-proof, and McCain has caught Obama in the polls. We’ll see what happens in the next eight weeks as the swing voters get to know everyone better. If McCain can stay within five points, he wins with the voter purges.

It’s hard to explain what the civil war is about. Paul Krugman tries in The Resentment Strategy, and Bill Maher in Stop Calling Obama Elitist. I would say Republicans are pretending to fire up the poor against the rich, when really they’re firing up the aggressively ignorant against the open-minded and tolerant, the contractive against the expansive, the orcs against the elves.

The good news is, the orcs are still mostly working within the system, merely voting against people less fucked up than they are, instead of killing them, as they did in Nazi Germany and Cambodia. And the other good news is the rumor that last week’s stock market tumble is tied to Palin. If true, it means the Republicans have crossed the line with their reckless anti-elitism, and frightened the actual elite, who have the power to tell the TV news people to stop coddling McCain.

Addiction keeps us from really being present to our reality.  It’s a family illness, however.  As I have said before, we all, as people raised within totalitarian agriculture, but especially we Americans whether stoopid or stupid or awake, are all de facto qualifiers for Al-Anon.  We live in an abusive system, with its ritual codes that are not-so-easily broken.  They only become so when we become desperate enough or the pain we feel is great enough for us to scream “Help me, Goddess!”  And then something miraculous can happen, though it’s up to powers greater than we are to determine if we will get the reprieve; then it’s up to us to try to work it through on a daily basis.  At least that’s my experience as a sugar/flour/alcohol/codependency/scarcity addict myself.

Devotion and love and sex to you all!



1. iyanifa onifa - September 10, 2008


i loved your post and admit i particularly loved the ‘mashed potato aura’ image regarding baba mi obatala!

stay strong and clear, calm and peaceful, flexible and prosperous!

iyanifa onifa
omo obatala

2. frostwolftfirerose - September 12, 2008

Thanks Iyanifa Onifa!

I have been rather busy of late, and I was happy to read your post. I just posted something new about Obatala today. And other orishas as well.


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