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Preparing Myself September 5, 2008

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Today, in my morning pages (“A.M. pages” as I like to call them), I spoke with a couple of my guides about something that happened last week in front of the D&H Tower, which likes to be called “Aurora.”  (Aurora is Greek for East, and, well, the D&H Tower is on the eastern edge of Albany, practically on the banks of the Hudson.  If I didn’t report on this, then here’s the poop:  I was sitting there by the building, enjoying the wondrous day and sitting on the grass, attempting to commune with Gaia re: my writing.  Well, Gaia connects with me immediately for some reason–perhaps it’s that Taurus Rising of mine.  Gaia said “put down that pen and look to your right.”  My right in that context was toward Broadway, and the west.  (Oddly, my therapist had mentioned that someone said to him that success was two steps to the east and one to the west.  Bizarre, as he reminded me of that later.)

So I put down the pen and asked “what am I looking for?” and Gaia just said, “be patient.  just wait.”  Well, I see this kid and his Dad who I think is rather cute, at least from afar.  Turns out, when they cross the street and head toward Aurora, I realize I know the fellow.  We look at each other, and I’m rather flabbergasted that Gaia is directing me to talk to someone after all–not that it’s necessarily David, but just that Gaia was directing me, period.  In the context of our conversation, I’m listening to David and I’m contributing to the conversation, but I’m looking for some sort of detail that would be relevant, and then I noticed his baseball cap.  It had a curious word which I asked him about, and he said it was a teaching facility in Vermont.

In any case, today when I was talking with my guides, Taliesin, Fearn and Iao, they said I need to follow up on this sooner rather than later, and yes, they said there would be struggle with these people.  Ugh.  Just what I need, eh?  But that this was something that would open me up to elements I need to bring into my life now. 

So I’ve looked up the website of the facility in question.  It looks pretty cool, all in all.  I don’t want to say anything as to what it teaches and what it’s about yet.  It is something I see I need to do, and I will.  They even said that if Jody can’t drive up there with me, that I should rent a car and go up.  That’s plenty serious!  So, I’m preparing myself with my glorious Aquarius Saturn to deal with this, whatever the f is in store for me.  Yet another thing to gird myself for.  Guh!



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