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Immediacy of divine beings September 4, 2008

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So, one of my assignments in my training is to read T. Thorn Coyle’s Evolutionary Witchcraft, a truly amazing book.  I had read it when it first came out, and it’s an amazing handbook for any witch-in-training.  Well!

I have been having a difficult time reading it this time.  The Work of this God is progressing at such a rate, that I am feeling not a little bit of spiritual vertigo as it were.  And Thorn’s book is chock full o’ stuff.  I find right now I can only take in maybe 3 pages at a time, which is totally unlike me, voracious reader that I am.  But there is so much that Thorn gives a reader that it can take a lifetime to work through this book.

Anyway, I was at work today and I lost my attention for a couple of moments, as I am wont to do–it being work and all.  (Reminds me–I need to stop by a smoke shop and get some tobacco to make an offering to the spirits of this building.  It’s a deeply honorable suggestion my therapist made to me.)  So, I just started to chant to one of the Guardians, and all of a sudden


I felt the guardian right behind me.  I felt immediate heat, and the Guardian in question started to transmit some energy my way, and … well, let’s just say it’s energy I need, but WHOOOOOAAA!  It was a tad intense!

It is both a blessing and a curse to be easily in connection with divinity.  I have a very vivid imagination, but it’s because on some level I’ve always been attuned to these other realities.  And I’m definitely becoming more and more aware of just how protected I am and will continue to be during the coming weirdness.  (“coming?”  Am I joking?  It’s already here, but most people just refuse to be aware.)


Off topic, two things

One: A fellow I met at Winter Witchcamp, Jason aka Scarecrow, was tased and arrested in St. Paul during the RNC.  My heart goes out to all the people in the Twin Cities who had to witness their own police forces turn into real-life goombahs of the Black Iron Prison.  And Jason is someone I remember to be a kind and charismatic person.  My prayers and my outrage on his behalf go out to the multiverse.

Two:  I came across a delightful word on a blog I never have gone to before, and I will have to google it to see if others use it.  Like I use vEmpire, this fellow used “the Cystem.”  I really like that for many reasons.  A cyst is basically a bladder that forms organically that frequently becomes a repository for toxins and ugliness within the body.  The gall bladder is a cyst of sorts, catching bile and other muck that must needs go somewhere.  (Cholecystectomy is the word for gall bladder removal.)  Likewise, our Cystem is one where all sorts of toxins get off-loaded onto bodies, human and otherwise, that eventually erupt and cause havoc.  We are fast approaching a big old meltdown/cyst-eruption as it were.  The blog had certain suggestions to follow, many of which I’ve come to understand and appreciate on my own, though the notion of establishing a political party for Truth is in my mind, a continuation of the Cystem.  The time for a political anything is firmly in the past as far as I can see.  Politics is one of the basic food groups of the Cystem and we must not indulge in the addiction.

My $.02 anyway.



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