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Spirits in workplaces September 3, 2008

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I’m back at work after the 3-day holiday.  If I might observe, when I have unstructured time to myself, for the most part I am at my happiest right now.  This condition is not for forever, by any means.  I sense that what’s really going on is that I’m at my happiest at the moment when there’s absolutely nothing to do because I deeply need a respite, some time to myself and with Gaia to just get to base reality and assess the true work of this God, of knowing who is this flower above me, and knowing myself in all my parts.

Returning to work after a 3 day weekend–heck, even sometimes a 2-day weekend, like the one upcoming I suspect–can bring difficulties.  With this being September and there being a not-so-subtle “OK, you had a lazy summer, now it’s officially WORK time! Virgo-Virgo-Virgo Yea!” vibe going, time is ripe for a sense of dislocation.

This time of year is my most favorite.  The Lammas-Mabon-Samhain-Yule half of the year is my juiciest, I must say.  When Imbolc comes around, I get antsy and Ostara frequently sees me depressed.  Beltane starts to get better, and I’m lately busy during the midsummer time to Lammas.  I do a lot, and I am planning for a lot later.

Into all this, I have a couple of spirit-related observations to share.  I recently blogged about a sudden difficulty I had with television.  Spending a lot of time away from it, and coming back to it for one “hit” rendered me very sad and alienated.  And I think there are some really negative spirits that hang out in television programs, especially the “reality” shows.  Does anyone stop to think that “reality show” on television is a bleakin’ oxymoron?  There’s no reality to that “and then there were none” drama.  It’s so contrived and addictive, and I thought Project Runway was harmless enough.  Kinda.  It upsets me that I can’t sit and watch t.v. with Jody without it making me really blue.  I’m not about to take some mood-altering drug so that I can, and actually I sense that the whole issue will be moot due to things going on in Jody’s life right now.  Thankfully neither of us will have time to sit on the couch and just watch TV. 

We’d much rather take in the symphony, or sit in my apartment and read, or putter and sit in the garden out back.  We’d rather find outlets with others as well.

Anyway, I’ve been noticing with my little bits of time away from the office that while I don’t immediately notice a personal difference in my personality and behavior, over time, I get really really Angry.  And I capitalize Angry because I think it’s another entity taking over.  That may sound a bit weird, but I recently read an essay over at Thomas Paine’s Corner that really resonated with me, and the fact that even though I long for community, I don’t long for it at work.

(We did have our company picnic last week, which was actually fun–especially when some of the younger attorneys brought their kids.  Still, I feel like I’m a fifth wheel at these jobs.  I don’t really like to participate much in these affairs, though I’m sure I’ll enjoy ye aulde Christmasse Partye in the fyoochah.)

It’s a bit like the concept of the Meme, I think.  With a multidimensional understanding of reality, there are also spirits that reside in and among ideas, words (even between the letters of words), sentences, paragraphs, documents, charts, all of which go toward the creation and maintenance of organizational structures and apparatuses such as corporations, departments, dioceses, etc.  The generalized spirits of LLCs and LLPs are basically extractive and soul-sucking ones.  I assume the same is true of corporations where ossified structures have basically won out, where anything living has been either pushed off a cliff or shunted off to some corporate Siberia.  The larger vEmpire which sponges off our life energies and celebrates all sorts of violences and despair-renderings roots out the living, the earth-based, the rooted in Gaia, and ruthlessly attempts to eradicate it.  At least that’s what I observe as some of these rough beasts in both political parties tap-dance and attempt to distract the hoi polloi from the ensuing cataclysms being wrought around us all.

Sadly, I’m not surprised by the violent suppression of dissent in St. Paul and in Denver, which by comparison was milder.  I guess.  Kakistocracy is a most excellent word for vEmpire, though I think my word is a little more elegant.  In terms of the arc of addictions, collectively speaking TPTB are at a point where their behaviors are fooling nobody but themselves.  Many people are firmly disengaging from these addicts and it drives them mad!  The addictions continue to wreak their havoc, and the truth continues to just pour all over their grimy faces and reveal the “living” Dorian Gray pictures that they have become.  Those of us who can’t help but be awake see it all, and those of us who are awakening, whether this spiritual arousal was wanted or unwanted, see with horrified surprise just what creatures we all have been living with long these many millennia.

And the question more quickly than slowly, but both at once, becomes “what do we REALLY want?”  I look around me and I don’t feel like I can bring myself yet to ask others “do you have something I want?”  For the most part, the snickery reactions I expect would be along the lines of “You cain’t have mah plazzmaskrin Tee-vee!”  That’s not the kind of stuff of which I inquire, but of a sense of ease, a sense of divine wonderment and a curiosity about what is going on around us all. 

That’s what I want.

I want Big Eden OK?  And I think having moved to, first Albany, then Troy, that I’m working to make it happen.  One step at a time, and that step for me this year at least was getting a garden in order that is producing amazing vegetables and strawberries!  Strawberries!!! I am truly amazed and gratified at the prolixity of the land in my backyard, and I wish to know its desires and rhythms.

The spirit of my current workplace is typical.  And it’s also tired of itself.  Yesterday there was a fire alarm and it was as if the building wanted us all to leave.  Some quiet message has been sent, and I’m curious as to what the upshot will be.  For yesterday, the fire alarm lights strobed throughout the early afternoon (giving me a headache), and once they stopped there was a hideous sound that took about 40 minutes to quit.  And it was a steambath in the hallways.  Don’t really know what the message was, but there was some sort of sign I felt.

And we are so surrounded by signs, it excites me!


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