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Willingness and Money Altars August 26, 2008

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My partner and one of my guides have suggested to/instructed me (respectively) that I create a couple of altars.  I did create one each for abundance and financial wherewithal to come my way, and another for willingness to be famous embody the work of this God.  (And I’m told at least by Johnny Cash that fame is most definitely a part of my itinerary.  Don’t ask me how.  Though I’m getting some ideas.)

For the money/abundance altar, I used green objects–an altar cloth, a candle, a couple of stones.  Also cards from an oracle deck that include Rhiannon, White Buffalo Woman and Cerridwen, along with Mandrake and Wheat from the Druid Plant Oracle.  The 2 plants relate to abundance, so I am praying to manifest abundant money.

For willingness the dominant theme was gold.  A gold candle, a chalice with marigolds, another glass with a group of dahlias in it, artificial pears and apples, dried Vervain, and cards representing will and power–Athena, owl, and others, along with the cards for Woad and Borage.  Doing so, really made my fetch sing out and cry in joy.

Yesterday at work it was mostly difficult to sit in that energy.  I found myself getting really irritated and rather despondent because my current work is SO far away from my Sacred Path.  At least that is how it appears to my ego-infested mind.  But there are lots of reasons why I am where I am right now, not the least of which is that while I’m “ready” to be famous, I’m not as yet “willing.”  (And therefore unable.)  So I’m working on willingness.

To work inside fame includes a lot of heavy responsibilities.  The celebrities out there are employers after all.  And while they have the pick of the litter of able and extremely capable individuals out there who are called to be “celeb-uenses,” as it were, they have to pick through the star-struck and the forlorn.

Related to this is something that occurred last week.  Jody and I were watching Project Runway and for some reason, it actually depressed me a bit.  I actually have liked watching that show a lot in the past.  In fact, right now I think it’s probably the only thing on the teebles I’m even interested in.  And yet, there is something about that “And then there was 1” structure that really gets to me.  I could go on and on with an analysis of the 2 seasons of P.R. that I’ve seen (not to mention that one season of Top Chef with the odious Marcel), but why?  The problem is the media through which the product is channeled and processed.

I put product in bold in the last paragraph to highlight the fact that it is a product.  And perhaps what I am doing here is a product as well of sorts.  I don’t really seek to place my blog product in competition with others.  Really, each person’s time is quite valuable and they need to determine for themselves how they are going to spend it.  That is the way it should be.  Still, it can sometimes get me a bit down that in this spirit of competition that people get to lose.  It is by design that people lose in this vEmpire reality, that only sporadically appears in nature. 

And we’re in a time where this competition element, as it applies on a species level has reached the point that as humanity keeps “winning” we set ourselves up to win our self-selection.  “Hey humanity!  You just won 7 billion tickets to the Western Gate!  Shed those bodies and get ready for that blissful dive into the River Lethe!”  “Yea, Daddy!  We get to die! WHEEEEEEEEE!”

Forget your troubles come on, get lethal.  We’re ready for extinction day.

Anyway, that’s a bit of a digression from what I started out to blog on today.  And my apologies.  But I must acknowledge that there are some aspects of my situation that require some kala and some working with the points on the Iron Pentacle.  There is a lot of gunk in my fetch that needs processing and out-combing.  Good fetch.  I’m here for you.  And so too are some others…



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