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Working with the Land/Gunder August 22, 2008

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So, in recording my moods for the past couple of months, I’m noticing a distinct pattern emerging.  It appears that inverse to what usually happens to people when they get paid, I tend to get down with each paycheck.  For some reason my bills and rent and what-not make me feel depressed.  Perhaps that is unreasonable, but I have for many months felt that I barely make enough to keep myself housed and fed and up-to-date with my financial obligations–the ongoing cunting from the Student Loan Cuntoration, the credit card and the unsecured loan I got for the last credit cards I had, along with cell phone and heat/water.  I have been feeling like I’m falling behind.

My partner gets impatient with me, and the other day he asked me “You’re a witch, what magic are you doing to bring prosperity into your life?”  He does some devotional magic himself–he has a kickass mantra to Lakshmi that seems to work wonders for him.  So I got myself a green candle, anointed it with clove oil and cinnamon, said a prayer over it and lit it.  It’s a 7-Day, so I put it on a windowsill facing north, the earth/material direction, and there it will sit for a few days.

I have to create a money altar as well, and load it with a bunch of money-drawing objects–Hanukkah coins, images of Ganesha and Lakshmi, some sort of homage to Hades and Persephone, green altar cloth, opulence of some sort.  And I need to put it perhaps in the eastern part of my apartment.  Or make it small enough again so it can fit on a northern windowsill.

The land seemed to give me a different insight to ponder, to be really honest and forthright about my anger and rage surrounding these matters.  It occurred to me that the piece that Diana has been focusing my intentions on has been a mite all over the place.  It’s really several pieces in one, and I’m reorganizing it, putting all the various pieces out there like tiles in a mosaic and arranging them.  Some of them may end up in a different piece.  Seeing Lucy Wainwright Roche and Rufus Wainwright has alerted me to other possbilities for performance too.  Lucy just performed 5 or 6 songs.  Rufus performed about 20 I think.  I see that I’m being a bit “big-for-my-britches” by performing 13 in the piece that I started, so I think I might cut it down to 8, which will make it quite a bit shorter, and allow me to really hone the constituent parts.

I’ve been working on that the past couple of days.  It helps me to keep my heart open, which it turns out is one of the keys to being willing to be famous.



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