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Staycation in Troy August 19, 2008

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Last week I went on a “staycation” in Troy. I did stay home most of the time, but I also went up to Still Point Retreat Center for 2 days last week as well. I wished I could have stayed there for a month, actually. The land up there is amazing! A number of interesting developments took place for me personally, not the least of which is that I had the insight that while I may be “ready to be famous”, I have not been all that willing.

Really what that’s about is that I am now ready to face the responsibilities of “doing the work of this God,” as we refer to in the Feri Flower Prayer. And I have work to do on that score. It is interesting to show up to this work on a day to day basis. Part of this work has been of clearing the path to the work itself, and to understand that some aspects of it have been distractions from who I REALLY am. I am a perfomer, for example, and not really an actor. This is something I have known for a really long time. Have I acted on it? Every once in awhile, but not on a consistent basis.

In New York City, the thing to do in the 90s was to get the gigs and worry about the art later. I see that is sort of what I need to start doing now, and trust in the Universal Light operating inside this wondrous orb, to bring out what needs to get out. Some of these insights came from walking the labyrinth, but I had a couple of rather astonishing developments take place at Still Point.

One was that one of my power animals chose to leave me. Lamb, which has represented my “community chakra” (the one above my head, above the crown, actually), basically told me off in no uncertain terms. He wasn’t gentle, nor was he angry. A bit huffy and pompous maybe, which I know is a bit odd for a lamb, but this wasn’t a lamb who really wanted to be around me. He was a place holder for some other creature and that animal turned out to be the Elk. The Elk assumed its place above me, and is here to guide me in this newfound awareness, but Lamb had to give me a piece of his mind: “Don’t go looking up all about the Elk in books! You should get rid of all of those things anyway!” Something like that.

I was like, “Don’t let the door hit you on the way out,” which was probably not fair. But neither of us really enjoyed the other’s company. Lamb didn’t even try–I at least made a couple of attempts but I didn’t know he was just a placeholder until last week. Wouldn’t it have been easier to say so?

The other interesting development was in the shakeup of my deities. Dian-y-Glas moved from being my East God to sharing the Center with the Star Goddess. Something that probably should have happened a lot earlier, but I wasn’t really attuned to it until Still Point. That created a chain reaction. Cerridwen also “left” but really it became apparent she and the Star Goddess were the same goddess doing double duty as it were. I know that the Star Goddess is really all the gods and goddesses, but Cerridwen’s place in the West always felt a bit peremptory to me. So Hekate moved to the West, and I got a new north goddess and god. North now has “White Buffalo-Rhiannon” who I guess is the same goddess from two different points-of-view as a visitor, and Oxumare as a permanent addition moved from West to North. Ganesha is my visiting West God. And Hermes moved to East. So I have Diana and Hermes in the East, and Diana now seems to be more or less “permanent.” Seems fitting. Hanuman and Vesta in the South (no change). Hekate and Ganesha (visitor) in the West, with White Buffalo Rhiannon (visitor) and Oxumare in the North. Freyja/Odin above and Hades/Persephone below, and Star Goddess/Dian-y-Glas Center. Ah…

Woweth indeed. Change is most definitely in the air…



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