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Not the funniest thing, but August 6, 2008

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Ugh. I was so happy before lunch time with my last post. But moods are ever-changing, I guess. And unfortunately I have this trigger that hasn’t failed yet to bring me down.

The Student Loan Cuntoration sent me my check back. I really do


like to have any contact with these vEmpire representatives. I have not had problems with them before decunting me of my life force in the form of the money I send to the krazykunts every month. But evidently, they have changed their processes such that they sent the check back because it doesn’t have my SSN on it.


I’ve decided I need to write a short play that will illustrate my pain. But the way to do it is with the character representing me be offstage, like I did in My Littleton Play. In this case though, Joy Lebendig will have committed suicide because of her student loan, and the play will be about the family she left behind. Joe, Betty and son Josh. There might be a couple of vampires in the play too, representatives of SLC, perhaps. Not Salt Lake City–that is a different sort of vampiry! Perhaps I should revise that to read SLC-Cuntibank? I don’t know. Anyway…

I know a gratitude list would be a good thing right now, but I’m angry. A part of me does like to wallow in hopeless rage like this. Sad, but true. I think a lot of us have that mewling little imp inside us. The one that wants to feel bad. I guess I’ve gotten something out of that before. Yuck.



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