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Feeling “Cleansed” August 6, 2008

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This morning I performed a rather ordinary daily rite, nothing special.  But I’ve been completing these tasks mostly every day for the past four months or so, and today I’m noticing that I’m particularly shiny.  I suppose it’s just a matter of getting up and following these tasks each day. 

I’ve been working the Iron Pentacle over the past few weeks as well.  Today, I concentrated on the circle around the five-pointed star, reciting over the points: “Sex Self Pride Power Passion” until it’s all a blur.  I drew the 3 of Wands today as well–Virtue.  Perhaps for me, this card represents that cleansed feeling?

Today in my own personal pantheon wherein I have a schedule of deities and guides, it’s a “Freyja Max” day.  “Max” as he calls himself is some sort of other-dimensional being.  I have a terrestrial animal and an other-dimensional being for each chakra, and Max, along with the snake (sometimes a cobra, sometimes another), is associated with the 2nd chakra.  Sometimes Max is blue, sometimes he’s orange. The orange I can sort of understand as it’s the 2nd chakra and orange corresponds thereto.  The blue is complementary to orange, so perhaps that’s all that is.

Anyway, they introduced me to a figure who breathed a ray of healing green light into my heart chakra.  I suppose that’s also part of why I feel so shiny and sparkling as well.  This figure seemed to be sphinx-like, though she wasn’t a sphinx.  She had the head and torso of a woman, the front claws of a falcon or hawk and the backside of some animal.  Maybe a dog or a bear?  I don’t like to think it was a lion, because then it would be a sphinx, but “Jocelyn” (!) was adamant that she was NOT a sphinx.  Part of the problem too was that she was enveloped in a fog that didn’t dissipate.  Did she bring that along with?  Or was it just that I didn’t have enough time to let the fog dissipate, or that I kept losing focus?

Anyway, I’m really glad to live in the multiverse the way I do.  Days like today really put me in a good groove.  Yippeeskippee, kai-yippy-yippy-yea!



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