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Two Tarot Card “spirits” July 30, 2008

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I have a class assignment for my Feri training to contemplate my own understanding of the Tarot cards I draw each day.  Yesterday I drew “The Magician” and today it was the Seven of Cups.

I find that the Mage card draws me toward creating magical/mystical experiences in this manifested world.  Yesterday I sat down and tried to write some more on a piece I started about a month ago.  It is changing, and I read a recent draft of it that I had put aside, and realized it’s actually pretty good.  I need to restructure part of it, but it’s on its way.  I’m also opening to spirit to come down and help me to write a play about the student loan debt struggle so many of us are having, in the hopes of creating the space of massive loan forgiveness or something along those lines at least.  So many of us have been suckered into turning ourselves into slaves to the system that I personally at least wish to see destroyed, and which destruction I participate in simply by getting on the bus and coming to work.  It may not seem that those of us with jobs are doing that, but we are.  It’s just called “piling on,” but most of us don’t know that’s what we’re doing.

Anyway, the Magician was nice for a day off from doing the play as well. 

Today, it’s the 7 of Cups, which has a decidedly different energy to it.  It’s still a good day for creativity, and for dreaming something up.  There’s a mystical element to this card, but there’s also a tumultuous sweep to it, because it’s an emotional cup card.  As far as 7’s go, the 7 of wands would probably have a better zing to it.  The 7 of cups is by no means a “bad” card, even though the Crowley deck calls it “debauch.”  The energy can definitely go that way, but it doesn’t have to.  That’s if it’s left to its own devices.  There’s an active possibility of taking actions to manifest a vision.

Just some random thoughts about the two cards I’ve drawn in the past couple of days.



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