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Spirit of the Student Loan July 29, 2008

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One of the difficulties I have with my current arrangement of financial matters is that I have an eff-in’ $440/month payment to make to the Student Loan Cuntoration.  A subsidiary of Cuntigroup.  I prefer to use the BillO’Reilly/RushLimbaugh/Count Dracula Cheney epithet for the undead (c*nt:vampire as grunt:laborer) to inscribe Cuntigroup because, well, they are vampires aren’t they?  And doesn’t it help to be accurate?

I have been paying attention to the spirits of the land, to the spirit of my house, to the spirits of a place, be they neighborhood or even the entire city.  (I still have as yet to ascertain the Spirit of Troy, perhaps because I haven’t had time to sit myself down in a location that would seem to exemplify Troy such as the Uncle Sam park over on 3rd Street.  But I shall indeed get around to it.)  So, what is the spirit of this wraith?

It is a metallic sort of critter, one that is well-scaled like a tank.  It makes me think of that episode in The Fifth Sacred Thing by Starhawk, when Madrone shamanically disrupts the toxin that is killing people in San Francisco.  It is segmented like an insect this student loan and it has a big long mosquito-like proboscis that sucks elan vital from me.  The other guardian spirits around me at this moment are amazed and grateful that I’m seeing this for the first time, and that it’s something that I invited in.  In that way, it is EXACTLY like C^unt Dracula because it can only go where it’s invited, where it is welcomed in.  Betrayal of the victim is part and parcel of vampires’ m.o.

The student loan spirit is not invulnerable, though.  Again, Madrone’s journey might be of value–she did invoke some deities along the way for assistance.  And there are deities around me that are of some sort of assist.  There’s also the one entity that had been protecting me by puncturing my dreams, but now Fearn is out there making them come into being.  Fearn shakes his tree head at me and says that I brought this critter on myself.  Fearn says there are plants I’m growing in my back yard which the creature won’t like very much.  That I can make it painful for the critter to continue to suck at me somehow.  And perhaps one day it will decide it’s had enough.


The S.L. critter sort of reminds me of something I’d see in an H.R. Giger painting.  It does remind me of the Alien in the Sigourney Weaver trilogy.  It can lay eggs and so far I’ve been able to avoid that fate.  Others have not been so lucky, however.  And I can’t say that I’m doing all that well.

I have joined studentloanjustice.org, however.  And I’m getting some valuable mental health spikes along the way.  I need my own cheer leaders.  My partner has also come around, thanks in part to Kathy at peakoilblues and the folks at slj.

Together all of us can find a way to push these bloodsuckers off of us.  Periodically, it seems we have to come together to throw off these vampires, but I’m wondering if we human beings are starting to become hip as a collective to what Philip K. Dick called “The Black Iron Prison.”  We simply can’t do it the way we’ve done it in the past–revolutions tend to ossify into the exact crap we have duplicated again.  We don’t need a revolution, but an evolution that turns a revolution on the spiral dynamics of development.  An evolution beyond mere revolution into a way of being that ennobles and sacralizes simple human contributions and our wondrous, non-special but individual quirks and personal gifts to this existence.

It is in this spirit that the vEmpire and its metallic spirit creations will have to quit their parasitism and either shrivel up and die, transform themselves into something useful, or move on to a planet that is ready for their parasitic ways.

I for one am DONE.


1. deksao - August 11, 2008

Too many graduates these days look to bankruptcy as an option for debt relief, probably because most people don’t know many approaches to dealing with financial problems. Bankruptcy should always be viewed as a last resort when all other options have been tried as there are serious consequences to this course of action.

2. frostwolftfirerose - August 11, 2008

In talking with people who are aware of the situation we find ourselves in that gets more interesting and intense with each passing day–the Russian invasion of Georgia HAS to be making some of the Neocunts be shitting in their proverbial Armani slacks!–I’ve become aware of how to prioritize my situation.

While I continue to be employed, I will dutifully pay the Student Loan Cuntoration its monthly decunting from my bank account. At least until my expenses for rent, food, and my electric bill start to take up more and more of that precious income. In any case, those will be my first priorities, and then with whatever I have left, the vampires will get theirs.

I am busy praying the demise of the extractive financial “ecuntomy” that sucks us all dry and leaves us as barren financial husks. That may eventually be my financial fate in this developing perfect storm, but it doesn’t have to mirror the life I will lead at that point. I have skills and ideas and abilities that will be sought after in a post-financial product, post-peak oil real economy that is about the nourishment of our locales.

I know about bankruptcy’s fx btw–my parents declared b’ruptcy in 1983. And while they were personally devastated by this, eventually they recovered, at least my mother did. My Dad has the Alz and has only intermittent memories now. I don’t really “cuntsider” bankruptcy an option. I just get depressed about this sometimes.

A good blog to check out btw is peakoilblues.org. I should add it to my blogroll. Eventually I will.

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