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The Sorcerer’s Apprentice July 17, 2008

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If I had to point to a fairy tale to describe our current cultural moment, I would choose this telling story about the young fellow, far from being a mage but who knows just enough to be dangerous, enacting his tyro spell on the land.  And not being able to hit reverse or to find the spell to get the broom to stop from bringing the water up to the castle, and his attempts at controlling the situation that just keep making the situation worse.  The story is emblematic of the insanity surrounding us–the mentality of “oh, that didn’t work?  Well, maybe they need more torture, more dislocation, more clamping down, more heirarchical control, more, more, more” of what did not work yesterday or today and  will not work tomorrow either.

Is there a more experienced wizard waiting around the corner, just waiting to come in and “save” us?  I think not, but I do think that, like some of the different people out there are stating, we are the ones we’ve been waiting for.  It’s our time to step up to the plate and manifest our adulthood, bring out that dormant nurturing yet firm parent we know is inside us and teach where we need to teach and learn where we need to learn.

In contemplating this story and the currently-known-as-Capital Region of New York, I am not really sure what to say.  Troy and Schenectady seem to be entertaining certain understandings though neither of them are as far down the road as even Tompkins County a hundred so miles to the west of us.  Some enterprising souls there have even started to create a plan for retooling of the community post-peak-oil.  There are pockets of people around here who are awakening to what’s happening, and I live now in Troy right down the hill from RPI, where I hope some profs and students are looking at these crises and imagining a more integrative approach to the situation rather than a system of top-down control.  To which I would say cast Mickey Mouse in that role and send them off to Disneyworld.

Albany, the State Capitol, seems to be in a different world, a tad drugged from what I can gather.  Having moved from there a couple of months ago and now spending much less time here other than in the never-never land of law work, I have a more objective sense of this wonderful place.  It’s a little like Mary Tyrone in Long Day’s Journey into Night, who’s hopped up on morphine.  I think that the spirit of the place has a foreboding sense of what’s ahead and is hard put to accept a different role.  I have the sense that things are going to unravel in a slow-then fast, then-slow, then-fast manner, sort of like what J. M. Greer suggests in his posts at The Archdruid Report, but that there will be lots of surprises.

One thing that won’t be a surprise to me at least, is that there will be those who deny the reality staring them in the face, and who will attempt to put their reality picture over the situation and force solutions while becoming totally unreasonable without knowing it or even acknowledging others’ viewpoints.  Sort of like this character in a Twilight Zone episode I saw, who was the leader of a squadron of soldiers who had obviously died and were in the afterlife, but this guy kept going off and finding the soldiers seeking their eternal peace, and forcing them back to the place of their demise, because the good sergeant (captain?) couldn’t and wouldn’t accept or brook the notion that they were dead.  Hopefully over a short span of eternity, the fellow eventually got the message, but wouldn’t it be perfectly awful to live a military sort of Groundhog Day for who knows how long.

I see that people in neighboring Vermont are thinking about our Titanic of an Empire, and attempting to create a lifeboat in dissolving their ties to the rest of the sinking ship.  My concern is that the Capital Region, because it is the Capital Region, might end up going down with the ship.  Troy, especially might feel an obligation as the home of the Uncle Sam icon so beloved by nationalist-drunks everywhere, smitten with toxic notions of bigger-penis power.  America had its heyday, all right.  But turns out, this too shall pass, and like most partiers everywhere, we dread the hangover we know is coming.  We keep trying to put it off, but meanwhile, we keep breaking those brooms and they keep bringing more of what we can’t use and that will kill us unless we make different choices.

I feel that enough of us will awaken though.  Humanity isn’t doomed.  We will survive the deluge somehow.



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