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The building I work in July 9, 2008

Posted by frostwolftfirerose in Capital Region Notions.
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Lying in my bed, hear the clock tick and I think of you/caught up in circles, confusion there’s nothing new./flashbacks, warm night, almost left behind.  Suitcase of memories, time after–“Time After Time” (don’t know who wrote the lyrics, but Fun Boy 3 and Cyndi Lauper both sang it in the early 80s)

Confusion seems to be the hallmark state of the building spirit where I work.  I need to find some sort of offering to propitiate its tendency to create desperate and unfortunate thoughts inside me.  There is a susceptibility to this inside me. 

The spirit of a building can be affected by the collective energies of those who work inside it.  We “live” here for quite a portion of our days, at least 40 hours a week in my case.  And a lot of times, I can get a bit stirred by various stimuli–too much caffeine, not enough sleep, a big dose of Internet doom-and-gloom, attorney angst, etc.  The building itself must live not only with my energies, but also those of all the other people that work here, who clean the spaces at night, anyone who even delivers the mail or UPS or has business here.  Who knows what energies (and entities attached) each person brings with them?

I’m sure that some of them detach and become infecting agents of this space, and as someone who sometimes hears things that are so subtle as to make me think I’m the one thinking the thought “Why don’t you go kill yourself?” for example–for some reason, that’s a common one at a building where there are law firms (go figure…), I frequently have to check myself and my thinking and question where the thought came from.

Now, these things do and don’t have to do with the spirit of the building.  I can see that because this is a building that was constructed with businesses in mind, that it has a very different feeling from Gunder or from the previous space I inhabited, which has been an apartment building for so long, it’s probably got lots of holdover energies that I don’t know about and perhaps don’t want to.  There’s a lot of uncontrollable variables with the spirit of this building, and I would imagine that it’s constantly stressed by all sorts of mishagoss.

I would like to enlist its aid, however, in dealing with these despairing energies that sometimes creep into my consciousness, at least to help intercede with some of these quieter buggers who would have me start thinking unkind and inefficient thoughts.  I think that the building spirit would like a change of pace, and obviously it would behoove it if someone noticed that he or she or it was even there, even had an impact.  The business folk who occupy it certainly won’t–not with their scientific technofix perspective that deanimates the world into monetary value and dross.  Perhaps even the buildings will help to participate in the creative destruction of this dying technofix world and help to birth a new technic?  Something to muse on for the moment anyways.



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