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My former home July 8, 2008

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I won’t mention the address of my former place, but I will say it was a garden level apartment that was in retrospect, just a tad too small for me.  The place itself seemed all right, but I think it had an energy that was depressive and perhaps I helped it a little with my sacred intentions.  But still, I found myself in a vortex of sadness and despair quite frequently there.

The place itself had a lot of lovely qualities–great floors, courtyard access.  A charming space for a parlor, but as with almost everything else, it was just too small for me.  The kitchen especially was a cramped space.

Of course these things affected me in countless, subtle ways.  I live in more spacious digs now.  It’s a lot easier to keep this apartment clean, because there is so much space, paradoxically.  I have more room to put things that are not immediately germane to my current needs.  In the previous apartment, I was constantly feeling that I could never get anything clean enough, like there was an energy that rendered everything grimy and viscous.

It didn’t occur to me that the place may have had a ghostly presence, but now I wonder.  When I moved, my cat was very happy with the new place.  He only hid as long as the movers were there plus a couple of hours.  When I moved into the previous apartment, Kitzel had a hard time adjusting, and hid behind the refrigerator for a few days.  It took him at least 2 weeks to really adjust, which at the time I took to be about the trauma of a move up to the Capital Region from New York City.  But coming to understand about the spirits of buildings, neighborhoods, cities and other entities that are larger, I do now wonder whether Kitzel sensed something else about the other place.

Someone told me that not even a half-block from where I lived there was a murder a few years back.  I also know that a little more than a block in the other direction, there was an accident that started as a car chase with the cops that resulted in the fatality of the reckless driver.  So my street was punctuated by spots where people had died.  So some energies seem to be a bit despairing and down.

I hope that in the future, I’ll be able to help cleanse spaces of this sort of energy.  I’m learning about home-remedies for these things, but I have a feeling that some herbs and tonics and washes of various sorts will be of greater assistance.

Tomorrow, I will try and blog about another building in the area.  Which one, I don’t know as of yet.  Stay tuned…



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