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Welcome ye Gods and Goddesses! July 7, 2008

Posted by frostwolftfirerose in Capital Region Notions.
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Greetings to you, O Divine Visitor.  Welcome to this blog wherein I will serve you up some information about various lovelies about New York State’s Capital Region.  This information will emerge from the “inner-net” as I’ve heard it referred to, from a place of tranciness. 

I have been meditating and communicating with all sorts of divinities, some famous, some not.  Many of these divinities live inside buildings.  Case in point, the State Capitol.  I personally experience “Cappy’s” spirit as a woofers.  That’s right, a canine spirit that’s eager to please and that really loves a good petting!  So when I walk past Cappy, I try to stroke the building if at all possible, and say “there’s a good buppy, oh yes, you’re such a good woof-woof-woof!”

Another building also in downtown Albany is the former railroad station which was also once known as “the D&H Tower” and today houses SUNY-Albany’s Systems Administration.  She’s a rather redoubtable one, for a fairy tale princess.  “Aurora Petra Majesta” is a name that certainly serves her character!  She’s rather emotional, and sometimes it has to do with the weather, but a lot of time it’s just the vicissitudes of life as a campus building.  Ah, well.

I live in a house in Troy that has 3 apartments.  It is in Little Italy, and it has a spirit named “Gunder.”  When I first talked with the House Spirit, I said “Gunder, what sort of name is ‘Gunder’?” and she said he was a gender-bending shape shifter.  Sometimes Gunder would be male, and other times female.  And I wonder if s/he would shift into hermaphroditic or sexless at will.  I bet Gunder could be whatever Gunder wanted.  Gunder likes chocolate and all sorts of fragrances, and seems very satisfied with me as a tenant.

The spirit of Little Italy seems to be split, by the way.  The Italianate influence has brought with it certain Roman deities, most particularly Diana and Mercury.  But there is also the spirit of the land itself, which is much more primeval and chthonic.  Many times the various energies agree with one another, but there are times when Diana especially gets to be a bit torqued out by these more ancient and established spirits.  Mercury seems to be able to ride with the punches however.  I was made aware of this not by a direct conversation with these spirits, who seem to be waiting for me to prove who I am to them, but with a neighboring spirit, that of Troy’s Washington Park.  He informed me of the on-again, off-again relationship as I discussed his nature while waiting for my partner in his car over the past 4th of July weekend.  Now, I work with Diana and Mercury (who I refer to as Hermes most of the time) in various pursuits, which seem to be going well.  I choose not to take sides in their tiffs with the land-spirits.  The bioregion and the culture both have their utility. 

I will let you know when I discover the spirits of Troy and Albany themselves.  One thing I can say about them both is that there’s a playfulness hiding inside a wary suspicion.  They haven’t as yet revealed themselves to me, but I must say I have not ascertained what offerings would capitvate and satisfy them.  To be continued.

In any case, this is my intro to this blog.  For more information about me, I sometimes will post to this other blog: 




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